Accurately Track all Baseball Stats

  • Get yourself or any helper tracking quickly with our built in orientation tutorials.
  • Instructional text display helps you know what is needed next.
  • Record accurate plays that include multiple putouts and assists.
  • (Example: A rundown fielders choice that include 3B, 2B, SS, and P. FC5-4-6-1*)
  • Track stats on an official field (Major League, College, and High School BASEBALL, Slow and Fast Pitch SOFTBALL, Little League, Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco)
  • Accurately calculating earned runs including very special and unique scenarios.
  • Undo errant events at any time using handy “Undo” button.
  • We include Live chat as we support our products! You can talk with us directly during business hours to get any questions answered.

In-Game Pitch Display

  • Record every pitch with location, type, and sequence.
  • Available pitch types include Fastball 2 Seam, Fastball 4 Seam, Changeup, Circle Change, Curve Ball, Sinker, Slider, Screwball, Knuckle Ball, Knuckle Curve, Drop Ball, Rise Ball, Palm Ball, Pitch Out, Splitter, cutter, and a default type.
  • See a per
  • batter historical sequence of pitches as the game progresses.
  • Switch between seeing the pitch sequence and pitch type with a simple switch button.
  • Hitter graphic switches based on if they hit left or right handed.

In-Game Hitting Chart Display

  • Track each at bat with a contact type which include Bunt, Dribbler, Grounder, Hard Grounder, Line Drive, Fly Ball, and Popup.
  • See a per
  • batter historical hitting spray chart depicting previous contact as the game progresses.
  • Selectable players allows you to check on the hitting spray chart display of that player.

Making it Easy

  • Lineup creation auto builds a lineup from your team’s defaults and is then easily manipulated with the drag and drop.
  • Make substitutions lightning fast with or without a Designated Hitter.
  • Extra innings are automatically included in the box score display no matter the number.
  • Manage team and player data quickly and easily.
  • Easily default a player’s defensive position, batting order, pitching arm, batting side, and more.

Powerful Reporting Tools

  • Print out reports and charts directly from the app.
  • Share filtered full
  • stat HTML reports and charts via email.
  • Export filtered report as a PDF Documents including active chart .
  • Easily create data exports for Maxpreps.
  • com.
  • Export report and/or shot chart to the Photo Album.
  • Utilize the powerful TAG system to generate unique and custom reports.

Designed for Useability

  • No wireless connection necessary.
  • Backup and Restore capabilities complete with email and file sharing support.
  • Keep organized; stats and charts are always with you and just a filter away.
  • Clean design make this powerful tool a joy to use.
  • Optimized for iPad, iPad retina, and iPad Mini displays.
  • Designed for the devices’ landscape orientation.