Baseball Bullpen

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Baseball Stat Tracker

Baseball Stat Tracker is an accurate and helpful tool for all coaches, parents, fans, and players. An easy to use, and learn, app with a full range of batting, fielding and pitching statistics can be conveniently entered for in game and post game analysis. Statistics are available in printable/exportable reports and charts to help you get a leg up on your competition. Baseball Stat Tracker goes the extra mile with in-game displays showing previous pitch locations, type, and sequence and a batter's hitting spray chart. Between the hitting spray chart, pitch display, accuracy of stat calculation and ease of entry there is no better choice for your baseball tracking app.

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Basketball Shot Chart

Basketball Shot Chart takes a player’s shooting statistics beyond pen and paper while keeping things simple. Designed with basketball coaches, scouts, parents, and enthusiasts in mind, Basketball Shot Chart makes use of intuitive touch gestures to give you real-time shot tracking and accuracy in fast-paced games.

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Basketball Stat Tracker

Basketball Stat Tracker takes your stat tracking beyond the traditional pen and paper stat books and makes them available whenever you have your Android device in hand. Designed with basketball coaches, scouts, parents, and stats enthusiasts in mind, Basketball Stat Tracker provides an interface for real-time basketball stat tracking in even the most fast-paced games.

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In the cloud or on your device, it matters not. Bend your files and folders to your will, and view a wide range of formats in one simple app.

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Hand Painted - Animals

Let your kids join in an animal adventure as they play this interactive and educational game! Your child will learn animal and letter recognition, basic biology, concentration and reasoning while immersed in original artwork. Designed with our own kids in mind, Hand Painted - Animals provides fun for children of all ages.

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Hand Painted - Machinery

Accept the job! Become immersed in a world of big trucks, heavy equipment, and their drivers. Work can be fun in this interactive and educational app that features 3-games-in-1! Your child will learn cognitive and categorization skills, recognition and reasoning while being introduced to a variety of occupations and vehicle operators.

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Quickly evaluate and visualize changes made between versions of CAD drawings. Improve multi-designer workflow and "merge" entities from one document to another, or just get a sense of what has been added/removed/modified.

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Design technical, architectural, and engineering drawings quickly and intuitively. Build things from scratch or intelligently edit existing drawings across a wide range of formats and versions.

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Visualize and measure intricate CAD drawings in both 2D and 3D. Print, export to PDF/Image/etc., and much more. Take a peek under the hood of a drawing without buying a full design suite.

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The Pitching Pad

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Score the game with an traditional box-score system and keep all your friends and family up-to-date. Quickly share the action via Facebook, twitter, or email.

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