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Basketball Shot Chart takes your shot statistics beyond pen and paper while keeping things simple. Designed with basketball coaches, scouts, parents, and enthusiasts in mind, Basketball Shot Chart makes use of intuitive touch gestures to give you real-time shot tracking and accuracy in fast-paced games.

All Your Shot Stats In Your Hand

Basketball Shot Chart gives you quick access to all your shot tracking history. Quickly look up how players have shot in games you’ve tracked, or look at all their shots over the course of a season. Quickly browse compiled shot charts from your competitors games to know where teams have shot well against you or areas that opposing players tend to score their points from. There’s no need to flip through stacks of pen & paper shot charts, with Basketball Shot Chart, all your shooting data is with you whenever you have your Android device in hand.

Quick, Intuitive Interface

Basketball Shot Chart’s shot tracking interface is designed with the tracker in mind. The tracker interface is designed to be able to easily keep up with even the fastest paced games and it’s so easy you can give it to a volunteer and have them tracking shots in no time. Previous shots for each team are displayed on screen with an “onion skinning” effect, meaning you can see the past few previous shots and still be able to quickly amend any tracking errors. In addition to being designed for quick entry, Basketball Shot Chart is designed to help with accuracy. An in game scoreboard updates as you track shots, making it easy to reconcile your statistics with the scoreboard at the game.

Easily Export and Share Shot Data

Basketball Shot Chart helps you keep fans in the loop. Share the game scoreboard and shot data with your social networks, or via email or text message at any point during the game. Basketball Shot Chart also supports MaxPreps exports and is now an Official MaxPreps Stat Partner.

Try the Interface For Free

Not sure yet? You can download and try the Basketball Shot Chart Trial app. The trial app gives you the ability to test out the interface and see how tracked shots get displayed. When you decide you like it, you can download the full app and have the ability to enter team and player names, save all your games, and manage your data on the fly!

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