Basketball Shot Chart Features

Track your Favorite Teams

  • New Tutorials included to help you or a helper to begin stating quickly and accurately.
  • New Categorization "Tags" for organization of games/teams/players your way.
  • Record stats for one player, an entire team, or both teams
  • Easily record makes, misses, and shot locations with the unique touch and drag system
  • Manage and save team and player data for quick starting future games

Game Stats at Your Fingertips

  • New In-game stat review allows you to see the full stats on the fly.
  • Enhanced Periods are fully customizable with an unrestricted number of overtimes.
  • On screen scoreboard provides live game score
  • On screen stat feed lists game stats in consecutive order
  • Undo shots at any time using the stat feed list
  • "Onion Skinning" fades out old shots, keeping the screen clean and clear
  • Easy drill-down of stats and shots by team, game & player
  • Shot data automatically compiled for quick lookup by period

Documents, Exporting and Printing

  • New Printing is now available for all AirPrint capable printers.
  • New PDF stat report and shot chart document generation and export.
  • New Easily create data exports for
  • New Photo album stat report and shot chart snapshots.
  • New Stat data now compatible with Basketball Stat Tracker .
  • Email box scores, shot charts, and more

Designed for Usability

  • New Landscape orientation lock to better utilize screen space for tracking two teams.
  • New Share, Backup, and Restore all shot data.
  • Live Support chat built right into the the app for fast and easy help.
  • No-fuss management of teams, players and tracked games.
  • No need to keep papers organized; stats and Shot Charts are always with you on your device
  • Clean design means Basketball Shot Chart is both powerful and a joy to use
  • Optimized for use on iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini