Track your Favorite Team's Stats and Shot Charts

  • Get you or a helper tracking quickly with our built in orientation tutorials.
  • Track games on official courts (HS, JHS, NCAA, WNCAA, NBA, WNBA, FIBA, FIBA 2009)
  • Record stats/charts for one player, an entire team, or both teams.
  • Add makes, misses, and shot locations with an intuitive touch system.
  • Track rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, deflections, turnovers, charges taken and fouls.
  • Make substitutions lightning fast with 1-10 players instantly changeable on either team.
  • Utilize the Time Tracking system for accurately recording the course of a game.
  • See a player's active time in game and time played in game. All in real time.
  • Track the alternating game possession.
  • Manage team and player data quickly and easily.

Game Stats at your Fingertips

  • Scoreboard provides at-a-glance point stats and %s.
  • Per-player stats for fouls and points.
  • On-Screen team fouls and foul management easily accessible.
  • On-Screen team timeouts and management easily accessable.
  • On-Screen stat feed shows recorded stats in consecutive order.
  • Undo events at any time using the stat stream's feed list.
  • Stat and shot automatically compiled for quick look up by period.
  • Review stats/shots with powerful filters by team, game, player, and or period(s).

Powerful Reporting Tools

  • Print out reports and shot charts directly from the app.
  • Share filtered full-stat HTML reports and shot charts via email.
  • Export filtered report as a PDF Documents including shot chart.
  • Easily create data exports for
  • Export report and/or shot chart to the Photo Album.
  • Utilize the powerful TAG system to generate unique and custom reports.

Designed for Usability

  • No wireless connection necessary.
  • Built-in cloud backups to ensure you stats are safe.
  • Backup and Restore capabilities complete with email and file sharing support.
  • Keep organized; stats/Shot Charts are always with you.
  • Clean design make this powerful tool a joy to use.
  • Optimized for iPad, iPad Mini and iPad retina displays.
  • Designed for landscape mode to incorporate the charts and teams simultaneously.

Multi-Device Stat Tracking

Tracking a basketball game by yourself is difficult and stressful, but team work makes it easier and more effective.

Multi-Device Stat Tracking allows you to split up a game into more manageable pieces, and share the work across multiple iPhones and iPads. Stats from contributing devices flow across a peer network (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) to your device and are collected into a complete record. Personal area networking means you do not need an Internet connection or even an existing wireless network. Your devices can create their own connections when within range.

Each contributor can simultaneously record stats, manage the clock, substitute, fix mistakes, and more.

Once purchased, owners can make games available to devices within range. Devices with Basketball Stat Tracker installed can then ask for permission to connect and contribute. No additional purchase is necessary for contributors. A single owner can host many devices with their purchase.