Track your Favorite Team's Stats and Shot Charts

  • Get you or a helper tracking quickly with our built in orientation tutorials.
  • Track games on official courts (HS, JHS, NCAA, WNCAA, NBA, WNBA, FIBA, FIBA 2009)
  • Record stats/charts for one player, an entire team, or both teams.
  • Add makes, misses, and shot locations with an intuitive touch system.
  • Track rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, deflections, turnovers, charges taken and fouls.
  • Make substitutions lightning fast with players instantly changeable on either team.
  • Utilize the Time Tracking system for accurately recording the course of a game.
  • Track the alternating game possession.
  • Manage team and player data quickly and easily.

Game Stats at your Fingertips

  • Scoreboard provides at-a-glance point stats and %s.
  • Per-player stats for fouls and points.
  • On-Screen team fouls and foul management easily accessible.
  • On-Screen team timeouts and management easily accessable.
  • On-Screen stat feed shows recorded stats in consecutive order.
  • Undo events at any time using the stat stream's feed list.
  • Stat and shot automatically compiled for quick look up by period.
  • Review stats/shots with powerful filters by team, game, player, and or period(s).

Powerful Reporting Tools

  • Print out reports and shot charts directly from the app.
  • Share filtered full-stat HTML reports and shot charts via email.
  • Export filtered report as a PDF Documents including shot chart.
  • Easily create data exports for
  • Export report and/or shot chart to the Photo Album.
  • Utilize the powerful "Tag" system to generate unique and custom reports.

Designed for Usability

  • No wireless connection necessary.
  • Backup and Restore capabilities complete with email and file sharing support.
  • Keep organized; stats/Shot Charts are always with you.
  • Clean design make this powerful tool a joy to use.
  • Optimized for iPhone, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch displays.
  • Designed for landscape mode to incorporate the charts and teams simultaneously.