Hand Painted - Animalsfor iOS ™ Universal

Hand Painted - Animals is three kid-friendly, educational games rolled into one. The app features one hundred different animals from around the world, each hand painted in ink and watercolor. The Animals app is suitable for children of two years and up, and has simple controls to customize the difficulty for your child’s developmental level.

Getting Vocal

Audio instructions and feedback may help your child learn to read, but mean that reading is not required to play. If you don't want or need the sound, it is easy to mute via the dedicated volume buttons on your iPad.

Quality games re-imagined for new generations

Our game modes are classics (memory, matching, and category), but the iPad is the perfect way to introduce your child to them. They will love interacting with their favorite animals, and you can rest assured that they are gaining cognitive skills in a fun, tactile environment. Also, it is nice to not have a bunch of cards to pick up when playtime is over!

Lap Sit

For our youngest players, there is a "Lap Sit" mode. Let your child curl up (just like story time) and do easy matching of mother animal to baby animal. Taking turns and interacting is fun and easy for this age range (2 years or older), and you can help your child develop the touch motor skills that will carry them to more advanced games.

Matching Mode

Your child is shown a hand painted animal and is asked to match it’s mother/baby from a lineup. Benefit: Enhanced scientific observation, improved inductive/deductive reasoning, hand-eye coordination practice.

Memory/Concentration Mode

Your child taps to turn over a tile and reveal the animal underneath. If two of a kind are tapped in succession, your child is rewarded with visual and auditory feedback. Benefit: Exercise for spatial memory, improved deductive reasoning, practice for touch-based interface interaction

Category Mode

Your child taps on tiles to identify all of the animals that share a common attribute/category. Benefit: Learning animal attributes and categories, building skills that underpin future math and science (partitioning, process of elimination, logic).


Your child can unlock trophies based on their performance in each game and difficulty level. Collected trophies are added to a trophy case (accessible at any time) so your child can build confidence and share their success!

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