Goals of Hand Painted – Machinery:

  • Have fun while learning
  • Develop memory, letter recognition, and visual identification
  • Learn machinery recognition, classification, and job recognition
  • Practice concentration, coordination, reasoning, logic and attention to detail

App Features

  • Playable for any age
  • Kid-friendly interactive interface
  • Audio instruction and feedback requiring no reading ability
  • 60 hand painted machines/drivers to play with
  • A range of difficulty levels and randomized layouts for good re-playability
  • 5 classic game play types - Lap Sit, Memory, Matching & Categories
  • Lap Sit game play oriented towards toddlers; matching pairs of machines
  • Classic Memory game play with vivid machinery tiles
  • Race to match unique pairs with the Matching gameplay
  • Over 26 Categorization challenges to test any player's knowledge
  • Age grouped high scores based on speed, difficulty, and accuracy
  • Notifications for updates, enhancements, and content packages
  • Commitment to our products with instant live support should a problem arise
  • Kid and family friendly