hsCADCreatorfor Windows

Welcome to the home of Hachisoft Corporation's hsCADCreator. This CAD editor allows quick and intuitive design of technical, architectural, and engineering drawings.

Features to make your idea a reality

You will have access to a suite of tools that create, modify, view, and manage your CAD drawings. Visit the features page to see more.

A good editor becomes second nature

With hsCADCreator, our goal was to make its use so intuitive that it would eventually fade into background. A CAD editor should enhance your process, not hinder it.

Proof that fully featured doesn't have to mean pricey

hsCADCreator is designed to make CAD affordable for individuals, and occasional/novice users, while still providing business users the features they need.

Quickly create or edit complex CAD files.

At the simplest level, hsCADCreator is a drafting tool that helps you produce, edit, view, and convert drawings.

Rock-solid DWG support

As a member of the Open Design Alliance, Hachisoft can provide reliable and compatible support for industry standard formats.

Try before you Buy

A free 7 day, 9 use trial download allows you to experience hsCADCreator's features without risk or obligation.

Spend less time fiddling and more time drawing

hsCADCreator is an easy application to learn. Drag and Drop symbol libraries, dynamic help system and intuitive design flattens the learning curve, and improves productivity.

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