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This software is controlled by a licensing system. A license key is a unique identifier used to activate your copy of the software for use under the End-User License Agreement.
This software requires a valid license key, and running this software causes a License Key Entry Dialog to appear until one is entered. By default, hsCADCreator is installed with an evaluation license key which allows use for a trial period.
Full version licenses may be purchased by opening the "Help" menu and clicking on the "Purchase Upgrade to Full Version" menu item, or by visiting the hsCADCreator website.



This software is controlled by a seat enforcing licensing system. The evaluation version of hsCADCreator allows a user a trial period of 5 days and/or 5 uses.  After the evaluation term has expired the software is locked and cannot be used without an activation code. Hachisoft Corporation also sells its software as license groups. A license group can contain one or more license seats. You may purchase a license group by visiting the hsCADCreator website.