hsCADViewfor Windows

Welcome to the home of Hachisoft Corporation's hsCADView product. This powerful CAD viewer allows quick visualization and measurement of intricate CAD drawings in both 2D and 3D.

Features that give you insight

Have access to a suite of tools to view and manage, print and plot, import and export your CAD drawings. Visit the features page to see more.

When you need to look but not necessarily touch

Why buy the expensive editor suite when you only need to peek inside some drawings? hsCADView allows you to quickly visualize, measure, review and print your CAD resources.

Rock-solid DWG support

As a member of the Open Design Alliance, Hachisoft can provide reliable and compatible support for industry standard formats.

Proof that fully featured doesn't have to mean pricey

hsCADView is available at casual user prices with expert user features. Get more results with less budget.

Control your assets with smart export options

Reluctant to hand over a CAD drawing when an image or PDF would do? Stay in control of your resources through quick and easy exports of your drawings to read-only formats. Give your customers only what they need and keep tighter control of your digital assets.

Try before you buy

Need to know that hsCADView will work for your organization? Try it risk free.

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