• Open current and legacy CAD drawings for your viewing needs
  • Open, Import, and Save drawings in industry-standard file formats: dwg, dxf, dxb, dwf
  • Export drawings to: pdf, bmp, svg
  • Print/Plot drawings
  • Access Application defaults and settings
  • Auto Save / Auto Recover ability
  • Context sensitive help window
  • View in 2D and 3D

User Interface

  • An Intuitive User Interface
    • Drawing Window
    • Tool Ribbon
  • Snap Toolbar
  • Command Line and Notification Pane
  • Layer Pane
  • Property Tree Pane
  • Unique Grid Options
    • Dynamic grid that scales according to drawings unit family
    • Traditional static lined or dotted grid
  • Multiple Viewports
    • Model-space Viewport
    • Paper-space Viewports


  • Tool Snaps Based On User Selection
  • Snap to grid and to polar direction
    • Snap to entities at the following points: end, mid, intersection, center, insertion, nearest, node, parallel, perpendicular, quadrant, tangent

Work With the Assistance of Intuitive Tools

  • Tool Interaction
  • Three different ways to provide tool input; tools can be used with the mouse, the property tree, and command line interface
  • "Notify Window" gives context-sensitive instructions, and feedback
  • Real time entity overlay provides a visual aid that guides you through each tool process
  • Optional unique cursors show you which tool is activated
  • Entity Selection Tool
    • Select entities with selection filters such as color, layer, entity type, count, and relation to UCS plane
    • View selection's common properties
    • Modify properties across the entire selection

View Manipulation Tools

  • Pan
  • Zoom to Window
  • Zoom In / Out
  • Zoom Extent
  • Rotate
  • Snap to standard orthogonal and isometric views
  • Divide Viewport
  • Standard Viewport presets
  • Pan, Zoom, and Rotate via mouse at anytime

Rendering Tools and Modes

  • Regenerate
  • View 2D Wireframe
  • View 3D Wireframe
  • View Hidden Lines
  • View Flat Shaded
  • View Gouraud Shaded
  • View Flat Shaded with Edges
  • View Gouraud Shaded with Edges

Measure Tools

  • Measure Distance
  • Measure Area
  • Measure Angle

Coordinate System Tools

  • Preset User Coordinate System (UCS) View Snaps
  • Rotate UCS
  • Translate UCS
  • Align UCS to Entities
  • Align UCS to WCS

Library Tools

  • Manage All Libraries
  • Manage Blocks
  • Manage Colors
  • Manage Dimension Styles
  • Manage External References
  • Manage Hatch styles
  • Manage Image Definitions
  • Manage Layers
  • Manage Layouts
  • Manage Linetypes
  • Manage Multiline Styles
  • Manage Named Views
  • Manage Plot Settings
  • Manage Text Styles
  • Manage User Coordinate Systems
  • Manage Viewports