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This application is built on the concept of tools. A tool allows the user to perform a certain class of operation or procedure with regards to viewing and editing a drawing. All tool gives different type of notifications in Notification Window as you advance to different steps.


Tool Modes

Mouse Based: Move through tool steps using primarily the mouse (selecting, clicking or dragging).
Data Entry: Entering data via the property tree or the console.


Tool Properties

Each tool has its own options and processes. Tool properties can be changed to change the tool's behavior.


hsCADCreator has always one Active Tool at any time. There may be more than one tool on the Tool Stack, but only one tool is active at any given time.


1   Create Tools: Tools used to draw an entity.


2   Modify Tools: Tools used to change an existing entity in the drawing.


3   View Tools: Tools used to alter viewing parameters (i.e. camera location, camera angle, camera zoom level, etc.)


4   Draw Plane(UCS) Tools: Tools used to create/edit User Coordinate System.


5. Rendering Tools: Tools used to produce a different rendering view of the drawing.


6. Library Tools: Tools used to add, remove, or modify various objects.


7. Measure Tools: Tools to measure lengths and area