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hsCADCreator employs specific concepts to facilitate drawing creation, editing and viewing:



: Various types of entities that can be drawn.




: Objects store data for repeated use.



Snap Point Settings

: Ability to have the cursor snap to various points on an entity.



Entity Grip Points

: Each entity has one or more points to facilitate entity manipulation, what we call grip points, associated with it. These allow the user to change visual properties of the entity.




:  Display of points patterned along X and Y axis for ease of drafting.



Drawing Settings

: The settings for active drawing. These include: background color, units, etc.



Data Types and Properties

: Various types of information commonly used in drawings.



Property Trees

: Collection of properties displayed in tree structure. The property tree contains the tab that displays the active tools settings as well as selected entities properties.




: hsCADCreator provides a number of ways to create/edit/delete/manage all entities, objects, and their properties.




: Where the collection of tools are found.




: Collection of various user interfaces to get complex tasks done.




: Process to remove or reinstate last change made in drawing.