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This guide provides an overview of hsCADCreator. A primary goal of Hachisoft Corporation is to make hsCADCreator be a powerful tool in the hands of its user clientele. There are four fundamental ways to use hsCADCreator. Click on on of the links below to learn more about hsCADCreator.



To ensure your ability to use this software we recommend the following steps:


Become acquainted with the Tools

Become acquainted with all of the Tools--one may be more effective than another for your task;knowing which tool to access and how to use it is critical to efficiently using hsCADCreator.


Become acquainted with User Interface

Our user interface is very dynamic and Customizable. As you become familiar with hsCADCreator you will be able to modify the user interface and Layout to fit your personal needs. Each window (Help, Notification, Layers, Library, and Drawing) within hsCADCreator has a purpose. Each will help you along your way to using this software to its full potential.  


Use the Help Manual

Use the program Help manual (or the hard copy Owners Manual). Questions you may have can often be answered by reading the information there.


Check Frequently Asked Questions

Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Your inquiry may already be covered there.


Contact Us

Contact Us if the information provided here does not answer your questions about how to use the program. We would be glad to assist you.



Evaluators of the free trial version of hsCADCreator may want to see the Evaluation Quick Start.