Feature List

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Full CAD Editor functionality:


Uses industry-standard file formats for editing:



Design using specialized Drawing Entities:



Design in 2D and 3D:

Powerful support of 2D editing.
Support of 3D editing through Draw Planes and 3D Viewing.


Auto Save / Auto Recover ability:

Never lose your drawing due to a computer or power failure. hsCADCreator has auto-save feature that saves your open drawings at regular time intervals. In case of abnormal/unwanted shutdown, upon the next startup hsCADCreator asks to automatically recover the last auto-saved files.


Design with the assistance of Intuitive Tools:

Tool Interaction Ü

Point, click and drag mouse-based mode.
Context-sensitive tool property trees allow for a precise data-entry mode without the need for a "command line" which can be cryptic to some.
Command line/prompt available for those users who prefer that method of tool activation and data entry.
The "Notify Window" gives context-sensitive help, instructions, and feedback .
Visual aids guide you through each tool process.
Unique cursors show you which tool you are using.


Entity Selection Tool Ü

Easily select one or more entities.
Crossing rectangle selection.
Single click selection.
Filter current selection based on color, layer, entity type.
View any Properties in common across the entire selection in the Selection Property Tree
Modify properties across the entire selection


Entity Creation Tools Ü

Custom tool for a variety of entity types.
Tool to create blocks an repeated blocks of entities.
Tool to insert raster Images.


Shape Tools


Entity Modification Tools Ü

Scale uniformly
Scale non-uniformly


View Manipulation Tools Ü

Zoom to Window
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Zoom Extent
Snap to standard orthogonal and isometric views
Divide Viewport
Standard Viewports


Rendering Tools Ü

2D Wireframe
3D Wireframe
Hidden Lines
Flat Shaded
Gouraud Shaded
Flat Shaded with Edges
Gouraud Shaded with Edges


Measure Tools Ü

Measure Distance
Measure Area
Measure Angle



User Coordinate Tools Ü

Preset UCS View Snaps
Rotate UCS
Translate UCS
Align UCS to Entities


Library Tools Ü

Manage Blocks
Manage Colors
Manage Dimension Styles
Manage External References
Manage Hatch styles
Manage Image Definitions
Manage Layers
Manage Layouts
Manage Linetypes
Manage Multiline Styles
Manage Named Views
Manage Plot Settings
Manage Text Styles
Manage User Coordinate Systems
Manage Viewports
Quick Layer View