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The menus are located above the drawing screen in the upper left-hand corner of the monitor screen. hsCADCreator no longer has traditional menus. Most tools and functions are available from the ribbon tabs. And what other menu options remain now reside in the single Application Button--the round button in the top left corner with the Hachisoft logo on it.


Main Menu:



The big button on the left is the Application Button. The other tabs (seen in the screen shot) are part of the ribbon bar. Information about these tabs can be found in the Toolbar section.



Context Menus:

In addition, there are context menus available. Depending upon the Tool with which the user is working, these are accessed by 8 Right Clicking the mouse.


1. View options menu: This menu is available for use during tools which do not have their own right-click menu. Access by Right Clicking the mouse with the cursor in the drawing screen. Options available:


Select All - Selects all drawn entities, and zooms to extents.



2. Tool Specific Menus: Many tools have their own menus. These generally reflect the settings that are available on that tools property tree. Also continuous tools can be ended by a function on the right-click menu.


Here is a typical example of a tool specific menu:

Planar polyline tool menu (available to the Planar Polyline Tool only): Access by 8Right Clicking the mouse while the cursor is in the drawing screen. The following menu will be displayed:


Each of the above options, except the last one, "End Polyline", are available on the polyline tool's settings on the Property Tree Tab. And to the right of each option is the Keyboard Shortcut that corresponds to it.




3. Temporary snaps menu (available to most tools) Access by holding 7Shift + 8Right Clicking with the cursor in the drawing screen.  The temporary snaps act much like the permanent Entity Snaps except that they last for only one mouse click. You can temporarily disable/enable the currently set Entity Snaps and or Grid Snaps. You may also select one or more Entity Snaps you desire to use temporarily. This is useful for entity snapping that you do not commonly use but want to quickly switch too. Options available:


Set Permanent Snaps ( This will translate your Temporary Snap choices into your permanent Entity Snaps.)